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The Advent work started in Montgomery, AL during the spring of 1899 when the late Elder T. B. Buckner was invited to Montgomery by Mr. W. G. Buckner who had seen Elder Buckner's name in one of the Adventist papers. Believing that he might be a relative, Mr Buckner invited him to Montgomery to assist in organizing a church and church school. 

Mr. Buckner, who earned a substantial amount of money from building bridges and from his prune farm, purchased property and erected a large building on Early Street which he named "Charity Mission". The building consisted of ten large rooms and a very large auditorium which could be used as a church or a school. Each morning the doors of the auditorium were opened and a large bell was rung to attract attention and invite the people to worship. No one would come and for this reason the invitation to Elder Buckner was extended.

Elder Buckner began giving Bible studies and was able to organize a small church. All meetings were held in Charity Mission. Two of the first families to become members of this newly organized church were the Fraziers and the Fountains.

In addition to Elder Buckner, a number of other shepherds were sent and assist in the development of the work in this area. Among these were Elders J. H. Lawrence, G. E. Peters, J. C. Dassent, Henry T. Allison, Elder Baker, E. Wilkins, B. H. Ewing, T. M. Fountain, V. G. Lindsey, B. W. Abney, Sr., Elder Davis, C. A. Lyons, F. B. Slater and Elder L. G. Newton.

In 1954 E. E. Cleveland came to Montgomery to conduct a tent revival on the corner of Smythe and High Streets. Many in Montgomery will never forget the soul stirring sermons that were preached at these meetings. Suddenly the little church on Mill Street of 42 members numbered close to 500 members. To accommodate this expended membership a new building was built at this present location. In 1955, Elder C. E. Dudley became the first Pastor of the newly organized congregation.  Elder Dudley later accepted the call to preside as Conference President. 

Since then the following men have served as men of God at Bethany, Pastors E. J. Humphrey, Horace Jones, A. D. Shorter, D. J. Williams, M. E. Joiner, G. I. Pearson, S. J. Jackson, George Byars, R. L. Patterson, Marion Johnson, Raynard Allen, S. J. Jackson and currently J. L. Watson. In addition to the above named pastors, interim shepherds served were Ralph Peay and J. G. Thomas.

In 1996 Bethany reflected on it's 100 years of existence, and we can truly say, "We've come this far by Faith". We must say, "To God Be the Glory." Bethany looks to the future with assurance and hope to the soon coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Powerful, Relevant, Excellent, Service for the Savior!
Our theme speaks to our desire for all to seriously consider
the wonderful gift of eternal life that God has promised
to all who seek Him with their whole heart and
keep His commandments. 
Please consider worshiping with us anytime that
you are in the Montgomery, Alabama area